Get What You Need Quickly

Get What You Need Quickly

Talk to us about hot shot trucking in Mandan, ND

When you have smaller items that require hauling, contact our hauling company in Mandan, ND. Sundog Heavy Haul offers hot shot trucking services at a cut rate.

Our drivers for smaller trucks have their commercial driver's license and are able to haul less than load (LTL) at low prices. Hot shot trucking is good for:

  • Gas and oil pipelines
  • Supplies and materials
  • Equipment

A midsize, super-duty pickup truck can handle your hauling needs over 10,000 pounds with relative ease. Contact Sundog Heavy Haul today to consult a hauling company in Mandan, ND.

We'll arrange the routes and delivery schedule

Our fleet manager will discuss your routing and scheduling needs. Hot shot trucking allows you to ship your smaller loads with minimal downtime and fast deliveries. Avoid a shutdown by contacting Sundog Heavy Haul for hot shot trucking services in the Mandan, ND area, including the Bakken Formation Oilfield.